What Is Word Press And How It Works

10 Apr


What Is Word Press And How It Works? WordPress is one of the simplest and most popular way of creating a website or blog. It is responsible for over 30% of the websites don the internet. (more…)

Amazing Keyboard shortcuts for everyday Use

5 Apr


How much can you get done in a short space of time just by using short cuts? Just as much as you use your computer every day but we are here to give the most amazing short cuts that can make your life a lot easier. You might use these keys every day but we […]

Free Programs Every New PC Needs

5 Apr


The feeling of getting a new computer is absolutely amazing. A new computer will speed up the activities you want to do unlike the old one. All the credit to the new hardware that is still kicking and not vulnerable to viruses. However, it’s not all above the new hardware that will make your pc […]

Why you travel with your smartphone

5 Apr


Travelling is the one thing that most people love. People love to travel and see the world. For some, well to travel and see the world is the life goal. Meaning that wherein they are travelling they are the happiest. In that regard, people have commonly asked, should we travel with or without or gadgets? […]

WordPress under siege

9 Dec


WordPress is the ideal tool to use if you are for blogging or creating content for the web. The plugin is user-friendly and with dedication can be mastered by anyone. However, like any powerful innovation, some want unlawful access to it. (more…)