Tips to improve your site ranking

14 Nov

Tips to improve your site ranking

Making and maintaining your website relevant can be a challenge especially when you don’t know what to do. SEO knowledge is significant in increasing website traffic and continuous improvements in rankings. We’ve put few tips together to help you improve your rankings.

1. Focus on YouTube SEO

Most people love video content of whatever they are searching for.  YouTube is the second most used search engine and you must ensure your presence on YouTube. You can create a video about your products such as online casino, blog, affiliate site, or services work. At least 82 % of videos on the search result pages are from YouTube and it has more than 3 billion searches per month.

2. Build relevant links

Links are important to improve website rankings and they are more like votes. The popularity of a website or blog is determined by the number of inbound links from quality websites. It is recommendable that after starting a website focus on link building. Effective link building is based on getting real links from reliable well-known websites. Once this is done your website will start receiving traffic from other websites that linked to yours.

3. Improve your website speed

A slow website is boring so you must keep improving the speed to offer a better user experience. Ensure that your website pages load faster because users don’t have the patience to wait. Google uses websites speed as a factor to rank them. Visit an best online casinos website to refer their speed optimization .

4. Ensure mobile device compatibility

Most searches are now done on mobile devices, therefore your business should support both mobile and computer searches. You should also ensure that your website looks perfect on mobile devices. Most people now hardly use desktops, so concentrate on enhancing your mobile sites. Your content must appear well on mobile devices. Mobile friendly sites get more traffic because both mobile and desktop users are happy to visit them.

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