SEO – White Hat vs Black Hat

9 Dec

Everything in the world is now going digital. As a result, everyone wants to be part of the first search engine results. In order to do, they have to make sure that they are masters of search engine optimization. While others can easily master the techniques that are required to do so, most people have a hard time. This is what has led to SEO white hat and black hat techniques.

Why is SEO so important?

Search engine optimization is important if you want your page to rank in any search engine. Be it Bing, Google; Yahoo; Baidu. Therefore, it is key to master the skills that are needed to make sure that people are reading your work. Or getting to your real money online casino or sports bet.

White Hat vs Black Hat

Just in hacking, there is SEO white hat and black hat. SEO white hat refers to the use of methods that target the human audience as opposed to the search engine. When you use SEO White hat you want to get the human attention in the cleanest way possible. You want to be able to properly engage your target audience in the most natural way possible. No funny tricks are involved. Some of the things that are involved in SEO white hat are keywords, keyword analysis, rewriting Meta tags as well as backlinks. This is also called organic SEO. Nowadays many biggest online casinos use white hat SEO techniques.

Blackhat, on the other hand, refers to the set of skills that are used to get higher ranking in the search engine. While white hat focusses on the human traffic, the black hat just wants to be on top no matter what the cost. As a result, with black hat SEO, there are some unethical practices involved. Some of the techniques that are involved in black hat SEO include keyword stuffing, link farming, hidden texts and links as well as blog content spamming. Despite the fact that using these methods can result in your website being blacklisted people still use them.

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