WordPress under siege

9 Dec

WordPress is the ideal tool to use if you are for blogging or creating content for the web. The plugin is user-friendly and with dedication can be mastered by anyone. However, like any powerful innovation, some want unlawful access to it.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is as free and open source content management system. It is based on PHP a hypertext processor and MYSQL an open source relational database management system. That is many words, so allow us to break us down. WordPress is an online content creation and editing plugin. It comes with media galleries and online stores. Furthermore, in excess of 60million websites use it which means probably your favourite online casinos use the very same platform.

Under Siege

Why then would such a powerful and diverse tool be under siege? The reason behind this unknown. However, recent events have shown that WordPress is under attack. The worst part of this is that the attackers are targeting other WP sites.

Like any other site that operates online, they have a plugin. Reports state that the firewall Word fence has detected more than five million login attempts. Security experts call these “dictionary attacks”. To elaborate, trackers use repeated login attempts until they get a hit. Since the passwords are not that easy to crack, the hackers will try out a series of username and password combinations until they get access to an account.

What to do?

Naturally, we do not anyone getting access to anything that belongs to us unless they have our permission that is. Therefore, something needs to be done in light of the recent attacks on WordPress. Fortunately, WP was already way ahead of us in that matter as they have advised that all WP site owners including pokies online sites use a WordPress security plugin. This plugin can block any unauthorized access to the websites. It has been noted that these attacks have happened before on various sites other than WordPress. Therefore, it is believed that any decent firewall can easily counter them.

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