Free Joomla Install

I’m would like to introduce a free service of which is free joomla install. I have decided to provide free joomla install  service because many people want to use Joomla to create a website but they haven’t known how to install Joomla yet. To install Joomla is not easy for beginners. This free service is suitable for all visitors who want to have a Joomla website or want to move the site to another hosting or want to move a Joomla website from localhost to remote host.

Free Joomla Install

Free Joomla Install

Why you should ask us to install Joomla?

  1. The service is 100% Free. It means you will only pay for buying Domain and Hosting.
  2. We take full responsibility of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  3. We will install necessary Modules and Plugins for free.

What I will do in this service?

  1. Installing Latest Version Of Joomla.
  2. Installing A Free Template (You can pick any free template from PhuocUB.Com or anywhere).
  3. Setting Up Main Menu.
  4. Setting Up Counter Module.
  5. Setting Up Login Module.
  6. Setting Up Image Slideshow Module.
  7. Setting Up Latest News Module.
  8. Use URL rewriting (Better for SEO).
  9. Creation of Sitemap Page(Important for SEO).
  10. Feedburner Setup and Integration.
  11. Professional Contact Page.
  12. Google analytics Integration.

Why am I offering this service for Free?

I won’t charge even a single Penny from you. However, you will have to buy a hosting package from our partner. They are quality hosting providers for WordPress. This way you get quality web hosting which you were going to pay for anyways. You should to read my hosting reviews before picking the most suitable hosting for yourself.

After reading the reviews, you need to buy a hosting package from one of the links below.

Note: Do NOT use any external Links. We don’t provide this service to users who purchase hosting account from any other links

Singup with HostGator

Singup with A2Hosting

Singup with InMotion Hosting

Singup with Media Temple

Once you have signed up with the host, please fill out the form below. If you have any question, please contact us.

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Please paste your receipt from the hosting provider. This will be the email that you will receive right after you successfully purchase the web hosting. We need to know the date of your signup and the domain you used for the signup.

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